Revenue Cycle
Management Services

Our team brings best-in-class expertise to maximize revenue and reimbursement potential

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Minimize Risk & Denial

We Make sure that you are paid for the services you provide

Optimize for Value

Accurate claims lead to complete and timely submission for reimbursement

Shared Responsiblity

Enabling front and back
office coordination

"Embrace solutions collectively rendered by a select few in the industry"

Patient registration and eligibility verification
Charge capture and coding
Claims submission and management
Payment posting and denial management

"Embrace solutions collectively rendered by a select few in the industry"

Patient Registration and
Eligibility Verification

Charge Capture
and Coding

Claims Submission
and Management

Payment Posting and
Denial Management

Featured Services


    Account receivable follow

    The aim of our A/R follow-up service is to enhance revenue collection for medical practices specializing in physicians.


    Denials and appeal management

    The purpose of our Denial and Appeals Management service is to enhance the collection of revenue.


    Eligibility verification with Payer

    Accurate eligibility verification ensures that the healthcare provider is aware of any deductibles, copayments, or coinsurance that the patient may owe and can collect them upfront, reducing the risk of claim denials and revenue loss.


    Medical transcription services

    Accurate and timely documentation helps in improved workflow efficiency, reduced administrative burden, and enhanced patient care.



    Credentialing refers to the procedure of examining and authenticating the information of healthcare providers.


    Payment Posting

    accurately posting the payments, adjustments, and denials to the patient's account, which allows the healthcare provider to track the revenue collected and identify any discrepancies in payments received.


    Demographics and claim entry

    Accurate claim entry is critical to ensure that claims are processed correctly, and the healthcare provider receives the correct reimbursement for the services provided.


    Scanning and Indexing

    Scanning and indexing offer many benefits to healthcare providers, including increased efficiency, reduced storage costs, and improved accessibility to patient records.

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